T-Mobile claims next iPhone chipset will support AWS Bands


T-Mobile is currently the only U.S. major carry that doesn’t currently offer the iPhone, primarily because T-Mobile uses Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum band for their 3G network.

Several news sites are now reporting that AWS chipset support is on the way, and may make it into the next iPhone. As as a result, you will soon be able to purchase an iPhone and use 3G on T-Mobile.

Currently, I’m using an iPhone 4S on T-Mobile, but I only get Edge speeds, but the price is far less than AT&T.

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Hello world!

This is the third incarnation of my blog.  The first iteration was my corporate blog at Agave Mountain, which went over software development topics in snooze inducing detail.  Later, when Blogger stopped allowing FTP, I moved some of the content over to my personal blog, but eventually I began to neglect it.

Now, I started a new blog which will focus only on topics relating to software development, and the challenges we face when developing computer software in today’s environment. 

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